Using Any Location to Your Advantage - Featuring Alpine Baby Co. Organic Clothing - Edmonton Brand Photographer

Having an amazing location for a photo shoot is always great, but a big part of being a photographer is taking any location and making it work to your advantage. If I had to have a beautiful backdrop for every photo I took - especially of my kids around our home - I'm sure that would cut my picture taking down by a huge percentage. Instead, I aim to work with what I have. This can be a challenge, especially in a room full of mess and toys, but I like a challenge. :)

Earlier this spring I had the pleasure of taking some photos for the wonderful Alpine Baby Co.    They offer high quality handmade, organic, ethical baby and children's clothing in the most wonderful prints. You can take a peek at their clothing line here: - they just released their new summer line of prints and they are amazing!

For this shoot, I thought I would accept the challenge of shooting in my (then messy) backyard. Townes was going to be my mini-model and he was in a bit of a mood that day, and I was on a bit of a time crunch, so the backyard was the easiest for us to work with. He could stay in a comfortable environment, and we spent the time picking dandelions and watching the ants.

You can see in the photos below just how cluttered it was. Since the weather had finally warmed up the kids had all of their toys out (and I had some anxiety thinking about how to purge some stuff without the kids knowing - haha). I tried to find the positive with the space - I loved the green of the grass that was finally coming in (in some places - haha), the trees, and the wood colour of the planter around our tree. I didn't really move anything except for the blower part of the bouncy castle.

Since the photos I was after were to feature Alpine Baby Co.'s clothing, I knew working with this space was doable, since I could take close-up shots such as these:

Edmonton Brand Photographer - Treelines Photography - Alpine Baby Co. clothing

I'm such a fan of their Mountain Scape Tee - trees and mountains are two of my favourite things. <3

Treelines Photography - Edmonton Brand Photography - Alpine Baby Co.

Their adventure leggings have these wonderful knee patches so you don't have to worry about them wearing out anytime soon! Great for all kinds of play. The print shown here is called Camping Fun. I thought it worked well with the wood colour of the planter around our tree. The green of the grass just ties it all together.

Edmonton Brand Photography - Treelines Photography - Alpine Baby Co. Adventure Leggings

Still working with the same space, I shot from different angles that cut out all of the mess in the background and eliminated the need to Photoshop anything out. And seriously, how great is the Camping Fun print? Townes kept pointing to his leggings saying "fish, fish!". He was pretty excited about them.

Edmonton Family Photographer - Treelines Photography - Alpine Baby Co. - Adventure Leggings - Organic Clothing

His little bare feet worked great with these adventure leggings and the colours of the grass, dirt and wood. Who doesn't love to explore outside without shoes on?

Edmonton Brand Photographer - Treelines Photography - Alpine Baby Co. Mountain Scape Tee - Dandelions
Treelines Photography - Edmonton Brand Photographer - Alpine Baby Co. Mountain Scape Tee

Shooting from above when you're in a cluttered space works great too.

Edmonton Lifestyle Photographer - Brand Photography - Treelines Photography - Alpine Baby Co.

And down low. Townes was following the ants and trying to get them to crawl on his dandelion, while I was thinking of ways to get them to leave our yard. haha.

And, again, aren't those knee patches just the best?

Edmonton Clothing Photographer - Treelines Photography - Alpine Baby Co Organic Clothing

Of course we worked in some time to play too.

Edmonton Lifestyle Photographer - Edmonton Brand Photography - Treelines Photography - Alpine Baby Co.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I urge you to head out to a location you'd never think would work well for photos and try to use it to your advantage. I also urge you to check out Alpine Baby Co. if you haven't yet!

If you have any questions, or would like to share your experiences with working with a tricky location, I'd love to hear them in the comments below!