Weekly Photo Challenge - Weeks 13-16 - Edmonton Photographer

Alright, alright, I know I said I would keep up with posting my weekly challenge every Monday, but once again I've fallen behind. So, here's a catch-up post - yay!

Week 13 - Details

This week we were to get in close to our subject and record those smaller details. I have been documenting our spring seedling growth, and used my tomato seedlings as my subject. I just love watching them grow. It seems they grow so much every day.

Treelines Photography - Tomato Seedlings

Week 14 - The Big Picture

This week we were to zoom out and look at the big picture. I happened to be downtown one warm, sunny afternoon and thought I'd grab a shot of the city scape. Here's Edmonton, from north of the river just east of 82nd street.

Treelines Photography - Edmonton City Scape - Downtown YEG - Edmonton Photographer

Week 15 - Street Photography

This week we were to go to the street and capture some street photography. This is something I haven't done before. I'll be honest, this week I kind of forgot about the challenge until the last day (Sunday), and when I finally made it down to what I thought would be a busy street, it was quite the opposite. Most the shops were closed, and people were sparse. I decided to grab some movement from a car passing by using a slow shutter.

Treelines Photography - Edmonton - 124 Street - YEG Photographer

Week 16 - Lamp

This week we were to use a single light source for our photo. I decided to grab a shot of Elliot reading by the light of his flashlight.

Treelines Photography - Flashlight Reading - Edmonton Family Photographer

That's all for now! I'd better get thinking about my subject for this week's challenge. :)