52 Frames - Week 11 - High Key - Edmonton Family Photographer

Week ten's topic was high key. High key photography is basically eliminating shadows by letting more light into the camera. So majority of the tones in the photograph are in the highlight region. A lot of the time studio lighting is used. I was being a tad lazy and didn't want to haul out my lights, which have been packed away for a while, so I did mine with natural lighting in my living room.

I asked Elliot to grab his trumpet and he was happy to be my model for a couple minutes. This was the shot I submitted:

Edmonton Family Photographer - High Key Portrait

This was a bit of a challenge for me, since it's not something I'd normally shoot, but it was a fun learning experience.

Here are a few others from my quick two minute shoot with Elliot and another minute or so with Townes. These two don't like to sit still for photos at all.

Edmonton Family Photographer
Elliot and his trusty Pokéball.

Elliot and his trusty Pokéball.

Edmonton Family Photographer - Curly Hair Portrait
Edmonton Family Photographer - High Key Portrait Curly Hair

Next week's topic is Gratitude. Looking forward to that one.